jvconnected.ui.resource_manager.rc_modnames: Tuple[str] = ('rc_images', 'rc_qml', 'rc_resources', 'rc_style')

Names of resource modules to load

jvconnected.ui.resource_manager.rc_modules: Dict[str, module] = {}

Mapping of loaded resource modules by name

jvconnected.ui.resource_manager.ready: bool = False

True if all resource modules have been loaded

jvconnected.ui.resource_manager.load_module(name: str) module[source]

Attempt to load or reload a resource module and place it in rc_modules

jvconnected.ui.resource_manager.load() bool[source]

Load all modules in rc_modnames

jvconnected.ui.resource_manager.build_missing() bool[source]

Build any missing resource modules using build_qrc